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It started like this!

Having painful memories of the Great Recession, we started our journey by asking questions like what are the most challenging factors impacting growth and what could be done to help shape strategic objectives,

decisions and operational demands. As well as a further set of questions about the elements of when and where to find the new sources of growth.

Major economic and geopolitical events, regulatory change and 

monetary policy, trade, tariffs, corporate development and business combinations are diverse and it can be extremely difficult to understand, to capture their potential impact and find correlations, arbitrage and new opportunities; especially in the distributed data, inconsistent and inefficient environments, even for professionals, largest corporations and institutions.

We understand one specific challenge. Growth is always changing.

You need to extract signals from noisy data, to find what is the probability of an event, or perhaps you want to know what is behind L'Oréal, ExxonMobil and Walmart's strong growth.

And we do.

But that is only the beginning,


What We Do.

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